So, I could go for a long time not facing any issue and then the issue jumps up. But when I try it again, whether on the external keyboard or on the laptop keyboard, it’s gone again. One of them is that, when I ALT+TAB through various windows, I often have to press ENTER view publisher site to complete the move from 1 window to the next. So, ALT+TAB will bring up the small window selector dialogue and TAB will let me jump from one window selector the next. But when I let go, I don’t get sent to the selected window. Instead, the selector dialog stays open until I press ENTER, after which it sends me to the selected window. After accomplishing the two steps, your Windows Explorer should restart and Alt + Tab shortcut key should be working.

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In Windows 10, these interactions have evolved yet again. The ALT + TAB keyboard shortcut works much like it did before, but the app thumbnails are now much larger. The only problem is that the problem is sporadic.

Please note you will have to repeat the two steps if the issue appears again since this fix is just a temporary solution. There are various reasons behind this issue, such as the keyboard, wrong system settings, the conflict between files, and so on. Once we use our computer, we always run many applications or documents in same time. To flip back and forth between two frequent-used applications or documents worked on Windows, you can use the Alt + Tab shortcut key. de Bruin’s solution worked for Windows 10 for a sub window of an application.

My question may not be clear enough for you to answer exactly. The keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + # where a number is 1 to 8 work as intended and expected, and I often use them. These interfaces are only the tip of the multitasking iceberg in Windows 10. I’ll look at other aspects of this functionality—include new Snap features like Snap Assist and the new keyboard shortcuts—in future tips.

The PP dialog box (#1) opens another scanning dialog box (#2, the device’s own dialog box) where I select the scanner settings. Clicking on dialog box #1 just shows a continuously spinning circle. Even when I minimize everything and just have PP open, dialog box #2 is gone. The only solution is to end the app via the TaskManager but then I lose whatever I’ve scanned already and havent saved yet. Hold down the arrow key that is the opposite of the direction where you saw the app go off the screen to move it back into view. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to bring off-screen windows back to the desktop screen. After upgrading to Windows 10, and using the multi-monitor taskbar from DisplayFusion, when I alt+tab, it only allows me to alt+tab between windows on the currently active monitor.

  • To set one up, tap or click on the small icon – or press Windows key + Tab – to the right of the Cortana search bar and this will bring up all of the your open windows.
  • For example, you can press and hold the Shift key and use the Tab key to navigate.
  • Here you choose to boot up in whatever you used last or automatically switch to tablet or desktop mode every time.
  • If you master Alt + Tab shortcut, you can easily switch back and forth between the two most recent apps.
  • Head to the Windows Start Menu and select Settings.

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Took a few tries and using the arrow keys, then the touch pad. Paperport opens its dialog box when I start a scan.

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If you own a mechanical keyboard, the chances of a damaged key are quite low, but you should consider this case for membrane keyboards. It should also mean that you don’t experience any horrible crashing or other issues which have generally been attributed to using this keyboard combination when leaving a gaming context. Now if you just press Enter when selecting a different desktop, then it will simply load that desktop and show you whatever the active window was previously for that desktop. Firstly, I don’t use that many Windows apps to justify this annoying sliding bar on the left side of the screen. On top of that, it doesn’t list out desktop apps, but instead has one tile called Desktop. This is one of the many reasons why people simply hate Windows 8. In Windows 8, if you press ALT + TAB, you get a similar thumbnail view of all open programs, which includes desktop apps and the new Windows Store apps that were introduced in Windows 8.

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