You can update each form in the field by right-clicking on it and selecting Update Field. After entering the values for all of the custom fields, clicking OK will add those values to the correct fields in the form.

In the Document Properties window, your users just need to select each of the properties and enter the correct value for those fields and then select Modify. Continue this process for all remaining fields in your form until they’re all converted to fields. Select Add to add each field, and then continue by entering all of the fields in your form. DonorSearch is unique in that it screens your donors for both philanthropic indicators and wealth metrics. Other tools might just focus on one of these sections, but to truly understand donors, you need both.

Segment your donors into groups for more targeted marketing and configure your email tool to keep up constant contact. Bloomerang is a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations because all of its tools work together perfectly to streamline operations. Additional products or features, such as mobile card readers or peer-to-peer software, can easily be added to the baseline software for an additional fee. You can check out our full product set and prices right here. The first step when choosing a form generator script is to be clear about what you want from your form builder.

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DonorSearch is a top prospect research and wealth screening tool that can help your nonprofit identify high impact donors. By screening your entire donor database and comparing it against the nation’s number one philanthropic database, DonorSearch provides insight into your most important supporters.

One of the best features of Arreva’s MatchMaker is its flexible online donation features. You can easily add options for recurring donations, memorial and honorary gifts, and referral information. MatchMaker was originally a solution for small to medium nonprofit organizations to meet basic fundraising needs. When Arreva, another online fundraising and donation software, acquired Matchmaker, it was an opportunity to offer MatchMaker’s capabilities to even larger nonprofits. Aside from raising funds for your cause, DonorPerfect also has engagement capabilities to keep donors supporting your cause.

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Another useful tool to use for a fillable form in Word is the Date Picker Content Control. Your user can then save the form and send it to you with all of the fields properly filled out. Once they’re all updated, the customized Word form will contain all of the answers entered into the custom fields.

Once you’ve gotten clear, take another look at these form builders to decide which one’s right for you. If none of them are quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry—we’ve got more greatPHP form buildersat Envato Market, so head over there and check them out.

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